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    Robbie AugspurgerGlamour & Headshots is the photography of Robbie Augspurger (well, that is, me. I’ll stop talking in third person now). This photo series started when I purchased an old light kit. Its power settings put limits on what I could do in a studio portraiture context, having only “on” and “off” as my main controls. I was told I probably couldn’t take any “cool” portraits with it, and this made me start to wonder what I actually could do with it. I started thinking of the professional business and family portraiture from the 70s and 80s (Sears, Olan Mills, etc), and having worked in a photo lab years ago that had a “back room” where all the old work was stored, I’d seen plenty of it. I thought it was funny, that at the time they were made, these portraits were considered acceptable as good portraiture. Some of it was good, don’t get me wrong.  I wanted to see how far I could take that aesthetic. I wanted to try and take my portraits to absurd places while keeping their authenticity intact. That being said, I also try to make the kind of photography that I want to see and grabs me on an emotional level.

    I am currently still taking a few portraits and editing my first photo book, GLAMOUR & HEADSHOTS.

    I got my first camera for my twelfth birthday, held at Showbiz Pizza Place, where they had animatronic animals wearing suits and playing in a band. I didn’t immortalize that rare vision on film that night, but ever since I can remember, I have been interested in taking pictures.

    I also work on lots of other projects, and am a founding member of the Portland, OR-based multimedia art collective Wolf Choir. We make videos, music, and visual art, and curate the annual Wolf Choir Film Festival. Wolf Choir basically tries to imagine what we wish existed, and then we try to make it. We made a modestly successful ambient DVD called The Original VIDEO PIZZA in 2007, and are released Video Psychedelic Hockey Mask in 2010.